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South Pointe Park | Miami Beach

2022 Experience Review |  5 Stars #anawesomeexperience #southpointepark #miamibeachlifestyle As one of my favorite parks in the whole region, I really enjoy going to this place as much as I can! It is definitely a must point of interest for those visiting Miami Beach… And an ideal spot for walking, running, biking, rollerblading, picnicking, andContinue reading “South Pointe Park | Miami Beach”

South Pointe Pier | Miami Beach

2022 Experience Review |  5 Stars #anawesomeexperience #southpointepark #miamibeachlifestyle For me, it is self evident to start out this 2022 blog with the South Pointe Pier, located in South Beach, in the mythical city of Miami Beach… …I absolutely love this place, with simply awesome views of the pier, South Beach, and the Miami skyline! GreatContinue reading “South Pointe Pier | Miami Beach”